Rehana Farmer is smitten over her new smile

Following years of bad experiences with other dentists, Rehana Farmer says Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks changed her life after her treatment.


Rehana Farmer developed a gap between her front teeth since a young age. After years of dissatisfactory service from dentists, she nearly gave up on ever having that perfect smile.

This was until she came across Dr Nichole Hendricks at Dentico, based in Stratford Avenue in Beverley Park, Eerste River.

Rehana explains that Dr Hendricks did not only execute a great job, but went out of her way to make her feel comfortable since the first step into her surgery.

“Having a gap since I was very young, I was very self-conscience about it. It was something I wanted fixed for a long time, but I’ve had bad experiences with dentists in the past,” she explains. “When I came across Nichole’s story, I gathered the motivation to try again.

“We scheduled a smile make-over, which I was excited about. When I first arrived, it came as a big surprise that she was as welcoming and down to earth as she was. She made me feel extremely comfortable.

“Dr Hendricks communicated throughout the procedure and catered to my pain and discomfort tolerance.”

Rehana Farmer is delighted with her new smile created at Dentico
Rehana Farmer is delighted with her new smile created at Dentico

After a successful procedure, Rehana says she’s gained so much from her new smile.

“I smile more now. And I am confident in doing so. She really has changed my life with regards to my confidence,” says Rehana. “I am smitten with my new smile!”

Rehana says she’d definitely recommend the services of Dr Hendricks to other patients.

“Dr Hendricks is friendly, down to earth, has a wealth of knowledge on alternative procedures, listens to you, is the furthest from being clinical in her interaction with you. She does great work!”


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