Dentico offers best value for money!

Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks offers a variety of dental services at the best competitive prices in Cape Town.

When Dr Nichole Hendricks opened the doors to Dentico’s surgery in Eerste River, her main focus was basic services to improve the smiles of her customers. These only included cleanings, fillings and extractions.

However, with time, Dr Hendricks has expanded her service list to assist more people who need dental treatment and care. She’s very proud of her growth in a short space of time.

“In the industry, we call it “bread and butter” dentistry… which means we only offer the basic services. However, as time went by, I realised my client base needed more, so I was excited to help them where possible,” explains Dr Hendricks.

“I then offered services like crown and bridge work, as well as veneers. I was a bit nervous initially as I had just come back from the Northern Cape, where I did the basics, but after amazing experiences with my clients, I was very impressed with the outcomes.”

Dentico makes a big difference with composite build-ups
Dentico makes a big difference with composite build-ups

Dr Hendricks added that the responses from her clients has motivated her to continue her growth.

“As a dentist, you don’t always realise what a positive impact you make on someone’s life. However, this was emphasised every time I received messages from my clients, telling me how much of a positive impact my work has had on their lives. They would tell me how confident they have become because of their new beautiful smiles.

“I hope to go for more training and qualifications in the near future to make more services available at Dentico.”

Dentico making a big difference by closing the gap
Dentico making a big difference by closing the gap

Dr Hendricks hopes that her variety of services paired with her quality assistance will encourage more people to visit her surgery.

“It takes one bad experience at the dentist to keep people away. However, it’s very important for people to receive dental care, especially every six months,” said Dr Hendricks. “That’s why I do my best to help people of all ages, to show them there’s nothing to be scared about and that the treatments are well worth it. My introduction of sedations has also eased some people’s fears.

“If people have any questions, they are always free to call our surgery office to book their consultation on 021 902 0181, send an email to or secure their booking via our website –”

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