Dentico is a Kuils River-based dental surgery owned by young and dynamic qualified dentist Dr Nichole Hendricks.

The 28-year-old dental surgeon, who graduated with a BchD degree at the University of the Western Cape, is one of the youngest independent practitioners in South Africa. She boasts impressive experience, having served over 40 satellite clinics around Namaqualand in the Northern Cape.

While she strives for excellence in her field, the main aim is to make her quality service affordable for people in the communities in Cape Town.

“Just like the Dentico motto emphasises, I love creating new smiles everyday. It’s a statement that I live by,” explains Dr Hendricks. “I am the alternative to the more expensive cosmetic dentistry that many can’t afford. With my affordable pricing, my patients can expect quality work and a complete sense of comfortability.”

Dentico reached a new milestone in 2018 as it moved into a bigger and better surgery. It also boasts a new team, which includes an oral hygienist, dental assistants and admin professionals.