Dentico’s special touch gives client dental delight

Dr Nichole Hendricks with young child, Dentico

Meriscka Hendricks says her faith in quality and comfortable dental treatment has been restored after her amazing experience at Dentico.

Meriscka, a 21-year-old from Parow, was encouraged to visit Dr Nichole Hendricks at Dentico in Eerste River after a bad experience at a previous dentist. After having a filling done, she was not happy with the service delivered.

“I didn’t feel like a client. I felt like a number in the chair as the dentist didn’t care how I felt or how well the treatment was going. He just wanted to get the job done,” explained Meriscka.

“I felt uncomfortable during the experience and was very disappointed after the results didn’t end well. This is the reason why so many people, especially young people, have so many negative feelings about visiting dentists.

“I felt very low but was encouraged to visit Dr Hendricks at Dentico as I’ve heard some amazing stories about her work.”


Meriscka said she noticed a big difference in service delivery after her first step into the Dentico surgery.

“When I arrived, I felt immediately welcomed as the ladies at the reception desk were very friendly and bubbly. When I walked into the surgery, Dr Hendricks was very friendly too. I immediately felt comfortable and positive about my appointment. Her assistant Dinielle was also a great help ,” said Hendricks.

“They reviewed the previous work, identified the issue and was able to solve my issue. She spoke to me and took great care during the entire appointment, making my treatment like a top priority.

“While Dr Hendricks does great work in the chair, her management of clients makes her an amazing professional.”

Meriscka said she would definitely recommend Dentico for anyone looking for great dental treatment and assistance.

“Whether you need work done or a consultation, Dr Hendricks would definitely be my first choice. I don’t mind the drive from Parow to Eerste River as I know I will be getting good service,” she said.

“It’s also very encouraging to hear how well she works with children (featured above), which many young people will get to enjoy positive dentist experiences.”


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