Tooth pain fixed by Dentico
After spending thousands of Rands and wasted time on disappointing dentist visits in Cape Town, Elmo Swartz says Dentico’s Dr Hendricks made a big difference in his life. CLICK HERE TO READ WHY THIS FRANSCHHOEK PATIENT ONLY TRUSTS DENTICO Having recently relocated to Gardens, Cape Town from Pretoria, architect and business owner Elmo Swartz found himself in a frustrating situation. He had visited various dentists in and around the city’s CBD, but struggled to find efficient service. “You’d think that a dentist that charges a lot would be able to do a good job. That unfortunately wasn’t the case as no one could help me. The next dentist I turned to always blamed the previous one’s work for poor results,” explained Elmo. “I then decided to do some research online and that’s when I found Dentico. I was very impressed with what I read about Dr Hendricks and found their prices very affordable compared to anyone else I had visited.” Elmo then made the drive from Gardens to Eerste River and was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. “The staff at Dentico are very friendly. I was welcomed there like I was visiting friends and family at home,” said Elmo. “You don’t feel like you’re at a doctors office. You feel comfortable and at ease. “When meeting Dr Hendricks, she came across as very knowledgeable. I had various issues that needed attention, which I thought would take a lot of time. To my surprise, she managed to sort out most of them at one go! She’s clearly good at what she does. “I was very happy with the outcome and would definitely recommend her to anyone who requires dental assistance at an affordable rate.” CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT DENTICO’S AMAZING TEETH WHITENING PACKAGES Elmo added that the public needs medical professionals like Dr Hendricks. “Most doctors and dentists struggle to connect with their patients, which is very important. Dr Hendricks was able to communicate effectively and guided me through the process as she treated me. This made the entire experience pleasurable. “As a business owner and talented young dentist, I wish her and Dentico all of the best for years to come.” CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT AT DENTICO

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