“Dentico made my son’s first dentist visit a smooth ride”

Blackheath local Isadore Sias says his three-year-old son Quade had an amazing experience during his first visit to the dentist thanks to Dentico’s Nichole Hendricks.

After young Quade complained about toothache, Isadore Sias decided it was time to take his son to his first visit to the dentist. However, after struggling to find an opening in the Blackheath area and surrounds, he decided to search online for an alternative option.

He then came across Dentico.

“I searched for a dentist in Eerste River and came across Dentico. It was great to read about Dr Hendricks’ story and was very happy about her affordable pricing,” explained Isadore. “When we first arrived, Quade was actually very excited.

“I loved how Dr Hendricks welcomed us and made my son feel so comfortable. His tooth had to be removed, which could be a scary treatment for most young kids, but she made sure he was comfortable at every step of the process. This helped a lot. He was brave… not complaining once during the surgery.

“Even when the anesthetic wore off and he could feel the rawness of the treated gum, he remained strong. He was also very excited about his promotional pack, which was a ‘present’ he got to take home. His first visit was a good experience and I know he can’t wait to go back.”

Isadore and Caleb Sias at Dentico
Isadore and Caleb Sias at Dentico

Isadore added that Dentico will likely become their trusted family dentist.

“Seeing how well she treated Quade, I’ll definitely be back when I need my next check-up,” said Isadore. “Dr Hendricks offers amazing services at great prices. I was very surprised when I first saw her price list, especially when comparing it to other surgery prices, and she backs it up with quality work.

“It just shows that the community still has access to great service delivery at reasonable cost.”



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