Patients have been very impressed with the results from Dentico’s newly-launched teeth-whitening packages.

Cape Town models Jodie and Justine Petersen recently enjoyed the Dentico Gold Package. This treatment included custom trays, blue light session in chair and a five-day home kit and toothpaste for further maintenance.

Speaking on behalf of the twin sisters, Jodie was highly impressed with her new smile.

“We really enjoyed the experience. It was our first time undergoing a teeth-whitening treatment and we were amazed by the results” explained Jodie.

“Dr Hendricks is really good at what she does and that showed in her work. We could clearly see our brighter smiles, which makes a big difference in for us in the modelling industry. We smiled more confidently thanks to Dentico’s teeth-whitening package.”

Jarryd Kleinhans was another patient who also had great results. He could immediately tell the difference after his time under the blue light.

“The overall experience was great! It’s nice to know that there’s treatments that helps patients achieve the perfect smile… all thanks to Dentico’s packages, which are very affordable!” said Jarryd.

“I was extremely happy with the service. And the take-home kit ensures you can install the final touches yourself easily at home.”

Dentico's Exciting Teeth-Whitening Packages

Dentico – Dr Nichole Hendricks introduces our new Teeth-Whitening Packages! Choose one our affordable packages below to help create your perfect smile. This treatment promises to brighten your teeth!PREMIUM – R1800Custom trays5 day take-home kitMaintenance toothpasteGOLD – R2200In-chair blue light assistance (1 session)Custom trays5 day take-home kitMaintenance toothpastePLATINUM – R3100In-chair blue light assistance (3 sessions)Custom trays5 day take-home kitMaintenance toothpasteTo book your appointment, simply call our surgery on 021 903 1929 or email reception@dentico.co.za. Alternatively, WhatsApp us during business hours on 081 461 4504.Special thanks to Jodie Petersen and Justine Petersen for featuring in our Dentico – Dr Nichole Hendricks video!Produced by Jarryd Kleinhans. Scripted by Gareth Duncan.#Dentico #dentist #dental #teeth #tooth #smile #teethwhitening #teethbleaching #bleach #bleaching #DrHendricks #KuilsRiver #CapeTown #SouthAfrica

Posted by Dentico – Dr Nichole Hendricks on Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Dentico offers the following teeth-whitening packages:


Custom trays
5 day take-home kit
Maintenance toothpaste

GOLD – R2200

In-chair blue light assistance (1 session)
Custom trays
5 day take-home kit
Maintenance toothpaste


In-chair blue light assistance (3 sessions)
Custom trays
5 day take-home kit
Maintenance toothpaste


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