The Dentico – Dr Nichole Hendricks team has taken the necessary measures to ensure appointments can go ahead as usual during the COVID-19 (Corona Virus) threat in South Africa.

On Sunday evening, the South African government announced a series of important safety steps that need to be taken during the current global COVID-19 epidemic.

Dr Nichole Hendricks and her staff have adapted quickly to ensure that all patients will be safeguarded during this difficult time.

“We have taken the recent announcement very seriously and have spent the necessary time at our surgery to ensure all patients and our staff are protected against the risk of infection,” says Dr Hendricks.

“We are very confident that you can still get the necessary dental treatment and care at Dentico without having to fear the virus.”

The following measures are in place to ensure a safe visit for all:

– If you have any flu-like symptoms, please inform us. We would strongly advise that you postpone your appointment – you should not be putting yourself at risk.
– The temperature of each patient will be taken before the appointment.
– Hand-sanitizer will be freely available for all patients on arrival and departure.
– All Dentico staff will use the necessary materials to protect themselves and patients during any interaction.
– Patients will be encouraged to arrive in the smallest possible number to the surgery. No big groups.
– Please respect further instructions from Dentico personnel during your visit.

If you have any further queries, please contact us during business hours on 021 903 1929 or email Alternatively, WhatsApp message us on 081 461 4504.

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