Dr Cindy Cornelius joins the Dentico family

Dr Cindy Cornelius is one of the latest additions to the Dentico family.

With our schedules being fully booked week in and week out, there was an opportunity to add a new face to our team.

Dr Cornelius was recruited as a valuable addition to the Dentico family, having previously studied with Dr Hendricks at the University of the Western Cape (UWC). She also brings along a wealth of experience to the surgery, having worked at various other practices over the past four years.

Having settled at our home, we find out more about Dr Cornelius and what she loves about Dentico and its patients.

Tell us about your background.

Dr Hendricks and I studied together at UWC. We both have our BchD degree. In 2015, I did my community service in Upington in the Northern Cape. Thereafter, I worked at a few private practices before starting my own. Dr Hendricks then approached me with an opportunity to join the Dentico team, which I saw as an exciting opportunity.

What attracted you to join Dentico?

I’ve been very proud to see how Dr Hendricks has grown as a professional and how Dentico has grown as a business and service provider in the community over the past few years. It’s an honour to be here and to help my friend. I decided to join the team as I believe opportunity will add to my experience and expand my skills as a dentist. I’m also excited to provide great service to the patients who walk through our door.

How have you settled in so far?

Dentico is very busy as a lot of patients visit the surgery everyday. They have a higher patient influx compared to my previous experiences. Dentico also has more equipment available to us, which is great. I’ve adapted quite easily thanks to the support of the friendly staff. Being here feels like I am at home… like I’m part of a family, which helps a lot.

Dentico strives to offer friendly dental assistance at affordable prices to members of the community, especially when it comes to kids. What do you make of this mission?

I love it. I think it’s great that Dentico wants to make a difference in the community as I’m a passionate dentist too. That moment when a patient is excited after fixing a tooth or their smile is so rewarding.

I love working with kids too. This comes with a big responsibility because it’s important to build up a child’s confidence when it comes to their teeth. You also have to try and give them a positive experience to break their fear of the dentist.

What are your goals as the new dentist at Dentico?

I want to increase the patient base at Dentico. I want to help grow the business and its positive reputation by creating more smiles.

I’d like to thank all the members of the Dentico family for welcoming me and helping me settle in. As a friend and a colleague, Dr Hendricks inspires me to be a better dentist. And in turn, I hope to inspire her and the rest of the team by showing the world the good work we can do everyday.



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