Local entrepreneur supports Dentico’s top quality services

Stellenbosch-based businessman Rouan Christians says the great service delivered by Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks helped cure his fear around painful dental procedures.

Painful dental procedures is a common fear among people, especially those who have endured bad experiences in surgery during their upbringing. So when Rouan Christians initially made his booking at Dentico to remove a tooth, he requested sedation to make the experience more bearable.

However, Dr Nichole Hendricks managed to convince the patient that the costly service was not needed.

“I first heard about Dr Hendricks through our family doctor Dr Weideman, who I have been seeing for most of my life. They are based at the same surgery,” explained Rouan.

“Because of my fear of pain, I wanted to be sedated during my first visit. However, Dr Hendricks insisted she would help me during the process as it would not be as painful as I expected. She communicated very well and was friendly during the entire process.

“To my surprise, the procedure was not that painful at all. I was very comfortable after a successful tooth removal.”

Rouan then returned for two more appointments, which included a cleaning and two fillings.

He encourages all locals who need dental assistance to visit Dentico in future.

“Dr Hendricks is very good at what she does. It’s not only about the practical work, but the way she treats her clients is also a big positive,” he says.

“As a business owner, I know it’s very important to support local businesses. I like the fact that Dr Hendricks is a young professional, who has opened her own practice. Being independent as an entrepreneur is very tough, especially during the beginning. I wish her all the best as she continues to grow.”

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