Kuils River’s Andre Willem van Papendorp says he’s fallen in love with the Dentico family because of their professional service and caring nature.

On face value, one would guess Mr Van Papendorp to be a stern personality. But when questioned about Dentico, he speaks about the dental surgery with sincere compassion.

After all, they have been looking after his smile effectively in recent months – which has seen him grow a soft side for the Dentico staff.

“I haven’t had many positive experiences with dentists. In fact, it was a negative experience at a previous dentist that forced me to look for a new one. And that’s when I found Dentico,” explains Andre.

“They are in my area and I only have good things to say about them. I’ve already seen them a few times and every visit has been a good one.”

Andre says that their professional service from front desk to dental chair is the reason why he holds Dentico in high regard.

“The staff is so friendly. What a lovely group of ladies at Dentico,” said Andre. “You feel at home as they go out of their way to take care of you.

“They don’t just carry out the dental treatment. They listen to you and make you feel at ease. And they explain what needs to happen before they do anything. That understanding and communication plays such a big role in the overall experience.”

Andre is delighted that he doesn’t have to look for another dentist again.

“Dr Nichole Hendricks and her staff are amazing. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for a great dental surgery in Kuils River. I am not looking to go anywhere else,” he says.

“Visiting Dentico feels like you’re visiting friends or family. I even pop in sometimes just to say hi. Having a company like Dentico looking after your dental health is great because you know you’re in good hands.”

Dr Nichole Hendricks says Andre has quickly become a popular figure at Dentico.

“Working at Dentico, we get to meet so many different people. Mr Van Papendorp is definitely one of the staff favourites because his personality and the person that he is,” explains Dr Hendricks. “Our security gate was giving issues one day, and he volunteered to fix it out of the blue. He also surprised us with a visit to drop off spices. What an amazing man.

“Meeting patients like Mr Van Papendorp makes it such a joy to work at Dentico.”


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