Young Elijah had a positive first dental experience at Dentico, which surprised his mother Laurren October.

Visiting the dentist is a daunting exercise for most people, especially for children who don’t often enjoy sitting in the chair.

At Dentico, however, Dr Nichole Hendricks and her staff make the special effort to make all patients feel comfortable from their very first step into the surgery at 2 Lang Street, Kuils River.

This is exactly what Laurren experienced when her four-year-old son Elijah needed to visit the dentist.

“I had brought Elijah to have his teeth checked out. Based on the x-rays and a consultation with Dr Hendricks, she advised that he would need extractions on two affected teeth, which I approved. I thought this would be a scary process for Elijah, but he was a brave boy and didn’t seem nervous for his first dental visit,” explained Laurren.

“What helped even more was how caring the Dentico staff was when he arrived. The way Dr Hendricks handled him while sitting in the chair was very comforting to watch as a parent on the side.

“He hardly reacted when they extracted two teeth! He was even a celebrity after the treatment as everyone wanted to meet this brave boy. It was a such a positive experience.”

Laurren has been familiar with Dr Hendricks and Dentico since its days in Eerste River, where she took her eight-year-old daughter Sophia for her first visit.

“I was recommended to visit Dr Hendricks by a family friend as the talk around town was that Dentico was great up-and-coming dental surgery. It’s been great to see how Dentico has grown over the years, having made the move to Kuils River and growing a bigger team,” said Laurren.

“Sophia has visited Dr Hendricks in Eertse River and Kuils River, and she’s always been welcomed with open arms. When my daughter had a tooth complication before her second visit, Dentico was able to book her in on short notice and resolved the problem swiftly.”

Laurren added that she would definitely recommend Dentico for adults and children. “It’s great that my children have their go-to dentist in Dr Hendricks. I’ve been with my go-to dentist for the past 15 years, and although I get very nervous before each visit, that comfortability and familiarity with the dentist makes the experience easier. I love the fact that Elijah and Sophia will have that with Dentico,” explained Laurren.

“Maybe one day I will have to make the switch to Dentico myself! They’re a great dental surgery for families as they have a nice homely feel and the staff are friendly.”

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