Dentico’s head surgeon Dr Hendricks will be going on leave for two weeks from 27 August until 10 September, but the surgery will still be operational during her absence. CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT HOW DR HENDRICKS CURED HUGHEN PAULSEN’S 30-YEAR DENTAL PHOBIA For the first time since opening its doors in 2016, Dentico will be running without its head surgeon Dr Hendricks, who takes a well-deserved break. The surgery will still be running with a full complement of staff from Monday to Friday, which includes the hygienist, who will see patients for cleanings. Patients who are wanting other dental treatment or need to see Dr Hendricks for their next appointment will need to schedule their visits from 11 September. “After nine busy months, which included the big move into our new surgery, I’ve decided to take some time off,” said Dr Hendricks. “I have a strong team who will be running Dentico in my absence. So all patients who need a cleaning are more than welcome to make an appointment to see our hygienist. “I’m excited to return refreshed and motivated. It’s going to be a great final four months for Dentico, where we aim to give all our patients the best and most affordable dental care.” CLICK HERE TO MAKE YOUR NEXT APPOINTMENT AT DENTICO

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