“Dr Hendricks created my son’s new beautiful smile”

Natasha September explains how Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks made a positive impact on her son Caleb’s life through her dental work.

Caleb September (11 years old) has struggled for confidence in public because of his affected teeth. His mother, Natasha, was determined to get them fixed after being motivated to visit Dentico because of the positive testimonials around her good work on social media.

Dentico's Nichole Hendricks works on Caleb September, Dentico
BEFORE PICTURE: Dentico’s Nichole Hendricks works on Caleb September

“When I read about Dentico on my phone, it encouraged me to take my son to Dr Hendricks. I knew it was going to be quite a process, but she was very helpful and clear in communication. It gave me a lot of confidence to believe that I came to the right person,” explains Natasha.

Caleb underwent a full rehabilitation on his teeth, which proved to be a major success. Natasha was delighted with the end product.

“Caleb would never smile, especially for photos. Now he can’t stop smiling, which is heart-warming to see,” explains Natasha. “In hindsight, I regret allowing his teeth to get to that state. As a mother, I’ve learned to understand the importance of dental health and care when it comes to my kids. I will make sure they are treated properly, especially under the guidance of Dr Hendricks.”

AFTER PICTURE: Dentico's Nichole Hendricks works on Caleb September
AFTER PICTURE: Dentico’s Nichole Hendricks works on Caleb September

Nastasha credits Dr Hendricks for being a caring professional when it comes to the youth.

“It’s great to hear about how Dr Hendricks puts in extra effort to help the youth. Caleb had a great experience with her, so I’d definitely recommend other parents to visit Dentico when it comes to their children’s dental needs.”


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