Adelia Farmer believes Dentico’s Dr Hendricks must be commended for her impressive growth and success since launching Dentico three years ago.

Adelia first met Dr Hendricks during her in-service job in the Northern Cape town of Springbok, having recently qualified at the University of the Western Cape.

“I remember meeting a gentle, young dental student, who already showed great potential. But like many women professionals in the dental industry, she was frustrated by the fact that most patients wanted to see a male dentist,” said Adelia.

“It’s a frustration many female dentists have, but I always told Dr Hendricks not to let that get the better of her. I told her that she should prove why women can be trusted – and maybe even better than their male counterparts. And she did a fantastic job.

“By the time she left Springbok, so many people appreciated the work she did for them.”

Dr Hendricks’ successful stint in Springbok set the foundation for her next chapter, Dentico.

In a space of three years, the surgery has moved roots from Eerste River to Kuils River, where it now employs nine women.

“From what I can see and from what I experienced, Dentico is clearly making a positive impact on the community,” said Adelia.

“I recently visited Dentico and was amazed to see what Dr Hendricks has achieved. From entering an industry that was male-dominated to going on to boast a full team of women… I am extremely proud of her.”

Adelia added that Dr Hendricks’ has inspired her to achieve more.

“When I met Dr Hendricks, I was a dental assistant. But now I’ve recently been accepted to study oral hygiene at the University of the Western Cape. I hope this course will go on and open doors for me,” she said.

“Dr Hendricks has already said I’m more than welcome to come visit and learn from their oral hygienist, which I’m excited about. To think that I was once motivating Dr Hendricks as a young student, and now she is inspiring me to achieve bigger things in my career.”


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