Shane Bell at Dentico

Another international patient has given Dentico’s Dr Hendricks raving reviews after a positive experience.

Shane Bell (who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia) required dental assistance during his time with family in South Africa. And he was recommended to visit Dentico, who has already earned multiple positive testimonials from international patients over the past several months.

This includes Matt Wonner from Michigan, USA, Debra Warwood in New Zealand and Benita Steenkamp from Australia.

Shane said he was very impressed with what he experienced at the surgery in Kuils River.

“The staff was very friendly once I arrived. It didn’t feel like I was at the dentist, it felt like I was visiting a friend. They made me feel at home,” he said.

“Dr Hendricks is also a very good dentist in terms of communication and her work. She explained to me what needed to be done and I was very happy with the results.

“I was expecting a complicated process, but it was far more comfortable than I thought.”

This was due to previous dental experiences, explained Shane.

“I’ve had bad experiences at the dentist as a youngster growing up in South Africa. Even now, more recently in Australia. And when that happens, it’s difficult to have that natural trust,” he said.

“I didn’t have any of these issues when I was at Dentico. I will definitely be paying them a visit when I’m back in South Africa in the near future.”

Shane added that he will definitely recommend Dentico to any friends and family who require dental assistance.

“I was recommended to visit them, which proves they have a great reputation already. I’ve already told people about them… I know my sister will be going soon. I wish them all the best as they continue to grow as a young business.”


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