Dentico offers sedation to all patients with extreme fear of visiting the dentist or for those who need to undergo painful procedures.

Does the thought of sitting in the dentist chair scare you? Or are you scared of dental surgery that’s needed to fix your smile? The fear of dentists is common. But at Dentico, there’s a medical solution for those who struggle with coping.

Sedation is a great way to calm your anxiety. It is the reduction of irritability or agitation by administration of sedative medication, generally to facilitate a medical procedure or diagnostic procedure. 

In other words, sedation is partial suppression of consciousness.   

Sedation patients might be “aware” of their surroundings and can still respond to certain stimuli.  Some refer to the “twilight or dream state”. General anesthesia suppresses central nervous system activity and results in unconsciousness and total lack of sensation.

Sedation Connect’s Dr Leon Whitlock is the experienced professional who assists Dentico with all its sedation patients.

He says he’s been enjoying his time with the Kuils River surgery.

“It’s been a pleasure working with Dr Hendricks and her team. I’ve been very impressed with her professionalism and the way she connects with her patients. I can see they place a lot of trust in her and that will help her go a long in this industry,” said Dr Whitlock.

“I’ve been working with Dentico for just over a year now. And their growth has been amazing. I look forward to many happy years with them.”

Dr Hendricks believes Dr Whitlock is a great asset to Dentico.

“For all my patients who struggle with their fear or for kids who struggle to sit throughout the dental procedure, sedation has been a very effective route to take. It also assists me with my procedures as the teeth remain dry during their sedated state, which makes my job so much easier.

“Sedation also helps parents as the entire dental procedure can be done in one go. Many times, children don’t have the patience or they’re too scared to sit in the chair for extended periods. So being under sedation helps them cope from start to finish, which prevents parents having to take more than one off day from work.”

Dr Hendricks thanked Dr Whitlock for his assistance.

“Dr Whitlock has been a great help when at Dentico. He’s very professional, knowledgeable and experienced in his field. He adds so much value.”

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