The 2nd Dentico Charity Drive was able to feed and clothe close to 200 people in Kuils River last weekend.

Dr Nichole Hendricks was inspired to start an initiative to give back to the less fortunate in her community earlier in 2019 after a heart-warming interaction with a man on the street corner near her surgery in Kuils River.

After providing a warm meal on a cold night , the man emphasised how important the exchange was at that very moment.

“He told he had prayed for a long time for someone to help him as he was really down and out. He was really happy when I showed up with some warm food. Faith is really important to me, so that really had stayed with me and I was inspired to do more,” explained Dr Hendricks.

She exceeded her own expectations when she launched the Dentico Charity Drive in August and managed to feed 125 people in the Kuils River community.

She decided to do a second drive in December, which received a great response as she gathered donations that was able to feed and clothe nearly 200 less fortunate people.

“We live in a very tough world and many are going through tough times. When you’re able to lend a hand, you should help those around you,” said Dr Hendricks.

“I was very happy with the way people came together to support the Dentico Charity Drive. We made a positive difference in so many lives over the weekend. We provided non-perishable food and offered a warm meal to everyone we reached. We also provided toiletries and clothes for the young and old. Even nappies and other necessities for a pregnant woman, who will be giving birth soon.

“A big thank you to all our sponsors and donors, big and small. And to my team at Dentico, who dedicated their time and efforts to make this drive a big success.”

An emotional moment was when the young man (picture above) who inspired this movement showed up to the charity day. Dr Hendricks was very happy to see him.

“My interaction with him made all of this happen. I felt that meeting him made me realise that I had a calling… a calling to make a difference in my community,” said Dr Hendricks. “We need to do more for our people and I’m hoping to play a big role in setting that example.

“The Dentico Charity Drive will definitely happen more regularly. We need to realise that people’s troubles don’t go away after just one day… so we need to do what we can to make it easier for them when possible. In order to do that, we need more of your support.”

If you want to support the Dentico Charity Drive, contact the surgery on 021 903 1929 or email Alternatively, send Dentico a WhatsApp message during business hours on 081 461 4504.

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