Dentico, Dr Cornelius

Kuils River’s Michelle Wynne was teased about her chipped tooth, which affected her smile and confidence. But that was all restored after a painless visit to Dentico.

Michelle Wynne (pictured right) is a supervisor in government, where she assists 13 centres. Working in the public sector and meeting people daily became an issue when she suffered a chipped tooth, which was noticed by others.

She was initially afraid to visit the dentist, but realised that work needed to be done to resolve the issue. She turned to Dentico for help.

“I’ve never been to the dentist in a long time because I’ve always been scared. But I found the courage to make an appointment and was surprisingly at ease when I arrived at Dentico,” explained Michelle.

“I’ve seen and heard great things about Dentico and the dentists there, so I knew they would be able to help me. When I arrived, the staff made me feel at home and they were very friendly.”

Dentico’s locum Dr Cindy Cornelius (pictured above) welcomed Michelle into her chair and after a quick, painless procedure, she was amazed with the final result.

“When the treatment was done, I was pleasantly surprised! It looked like I had a new tooth!” said Michelle.

“Dr Cornelius is a talented young dentist, who knows what she’s doing. She was gentle and quick! I didn’t feel a thing.

“It was great to receive advice on how to look after my new tooth after my procedure. As a diabetic, it’s important information that I needed to know.

“The people at work were shocked when they saw my new smile. They were surprised it was fixed so quickly… no more teasing.”

Michelle added that she will definitely recommend Dentico to anyone who needs top-quality dental treatment.

“A very big part of my experience at Dentico was feeling at home when I arrived. It helps patients feel comfortable, which is very important. Dentico is doing great work in the community. I’ve heard and seen amazing things, now I’ve experienced it as well.”


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