In her own words, Dentico owner and head dental surgeon Dr Nichole Hendricks reflects on a positive 2020 year for the practice, despite the various challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The difficult impact of COVID-19 has been grossly challenging.

From a personal perspective, the second wave has forced the country under lockdown Level 3 as new cases and related deaths continue to increase in numbers. It’s hitting so close to home as many people we love and know are getting infected.

We need to do what we can to flatten the curve… remember to wear your mask, sanitize and practice social distancing. If you can afford to stay at home, please do so!

From a business perspective, 2020 really tested us. As a dental professional and business owner myself, I sympathise with so many colleagues and other businesses who have worked very hard to overcome the challenges this pandemic has forced upon us.

I remember being very nervous when it was first confirmed in March.

Personally, I was worried about my health because I have an auto-immune disease, while one staff member just came out of a tough battle against cancer.

As a dentist, I was exposed to patients’ aerosols, which could’ve easily affected me. I was worried about my staff, who were also at threat every day. One unfortunate moment could’ve had them infected too.

However, as a team, we made sure we followed all the necessary protocols and strict guidelines to ensure our safety. We went out of our way to ensure our patients were safe too.

We all dressed in PPE and followed strict sterilising and sanitizing routines. For the Dentico family, this wasn’t completely new to us as we’ve always been sterilizing our equipment regularly. This helped us stay on top of things.

Looking back at the past eight months, we didn’t have one COVID-19 infection in the practice.

Our staff has worked tirelessly under stressful conditions, and I am very proud of every single team member who played a role in our safe journey through the uncharted journey of the global pandemic.

I would also like to thank God for guiding us and keeping us safe. Our faith set the foundation for this challenging year and provided much-needed strength during the daily challenges.

I was also very happy to see so many patients coming to us and taking care of their dental health and hygiene.

Because of the hard lockdown during the earlier part of the year, as well as the many new “normals” like wearing masks, dietary changes and other stresses, there have been many new dental issues becoming more regular. I’ve also found so many patients have been grinding their teeth. We’ve managed to help patients take control of their dental health by providing advice and the necessary treatments.

I’d also like to thank our patients for trusting us with their dental health and supporting us.

The great amount of appointments this year has also helped us grow our team as we welcomed two new professionals to our family. 

Looking back and reflecting on 2020, I am very happy with what Dentico has achieved this year. We’ve found a positive momentum and energy during a difficult time, and that has created a special aura in the practice going into next year.  

The Dentico team now takes a well-deserved break until 8 January 2021. We will re-open for appointments on 9 January 2021.

Please be safe during this festive period. I repeat, wear your mask, sanitize and practice social distancing. 

Wishing everyone happy holidays – I’m excited to come back rejuvenated and re-energised, ready to continue building the Dentico brand. 

See you in 2021!

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