Mitchell Plain’s Zara Veenendal says Dentico is the perfect dental surgery for the whole family.

Dentico has grown a great reputation for providing quality dental care of patients of all ages. And this is exactly what Zara experienced during her recent visit with her family.

Zara is the mother of three, with ages spanning from 3 to 15 years. She also tagged her 12-year-old niece along for the trip from Mitchell’s Plein to the surgery based at 2 Lang Street, Kuils River.

Zara, who is a well-known singer and a sales manager at Coca-Cola, explained that it was great to see her children having positive experiences at Dentico.

“Children are scared of the dentist because of their negative experiences. Many dental professionals don’t consider that they have stern and serious approaches at times, which make most patients feel uncomfortable,” said Zara.

“But I’ve only had friendly and positive experiences at Dentico. I’ve been at the surgery before for myself. And I’ve managed to convince my whole family to go and see Dr Hendricks, who is an amazing young dentist.

“She doesn’t only do quality work… but she communicates with you and is very patient. Especially with the young ones… she took time out to chat with kids and made sure they were comfortable at every step.”

Zara has since made bookings for her kids to return for future treatments.

“It’s very important for your children to learn the importance of dental health from a young age. And seeing them enjoying positive experiences at Dentico makes things so much easier. After their check-ups, Dr Hendricks will now ensure their smiles will be in the best condition.”

Zara would definitely recommend anyone to visit Dentico.

“I always tell my friends and family that they need to go to Dentico. I’ve been to many dentists and the experience there is something different,” said Zara.

“The entire staff is friendly and very accommodating. I congratulate Dr Hendricks for her notable growth in recent months and wish the entire team well for the future. I will be back soon!”


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