Charlene Ephraim

Charlene Emphraim, who recently beat cancer, was chosen as the very first Dentico Patient of the Month for November.

Dentico sees hundreds of patients every month at the surgery, and many have inspiring and amazing stories to tell.

Charlene’s journey is truly an inspiring one, which saw her overcome one of life’s greatest battles when she was shockingly diagnosed with Leukemia.

“I remember getting headaches, which just didn’t want to go away. I visited the doctor in my area, who then advised me to go for a blood check-up,” said Charlene. “After doing the blood test at the hospital, I was then urgently advised to see a specialist. And in just a couple of days, I was diagnosed with cancer.”

Charlene went through a rollercoaster of emotions, having to be admitted to hospital for an extended period. However, what started out as a nightmare scenario, was blessed with a happy ending.

“Everything just happened so quickly. It was very challenging – mentally and physically – especially when I had to remain in hospital. I was very lucky to have a strong support base around me in family and friends, who really played a big role in helping me through this whole experience,” explained Charlene.

“I underwent chemotherapy and a bone marrow transplant. My son was able to donate his bone marrow for my operation, which played a big role in me beating cancer. Today, I’m very happy to say I’m cancer-free. I beat the disease!”

Charlene, who is from Kuils River, was advised to visit Dentico shortly after achieving full remission.

“Because of chemotherapy, my teeth became very brittle. I then contacted Dentico to check up on my dental health and their concern and response for my well-being was amazing. They went out of their way to accommodate me and to ensure I was comfortable from start to finish,” explained Charlene.

“Dr Hendricks and her staff are very professional. Dr Hendricks did an amazing job to ensure my teeth were in the best possible shape.”

Charlene said she will always recommend Dentico to friends and family.

“I’m not a fearful person, but I think sitting in the dentist’s chair can make most people nervous. But this is not the case at Dentico. I can confidently say that their team puts in the extra effort to ensure you are comfortable and aware of what’s going to happen at every step. Dr Hendricks is a very good communicator and did an excellent job when it came to my smile.”

CONGRATULATIONS CHARLENE! As Dentico’s very first Patient of the Month for November, you win a Dentico Oral Hygiene Hamper and a nail treatment from South African award-winning nail technician Nadia Erasmus.

Thank you for your inspiring story!

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