Dentico making positive impact in Eerste River

While Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks is creating new smiles every day for the community of Eerste River, she is also making a good impact by employing and up-skilling local professionals.

Dentico opened its doors at 52 Stratford Avenue in Beverley Park in Eerste River in March 2016. After reaching it’s first birthday milestone this month, there was more to celebrate thanks to the growth of the team.

Dr Hendricks employed Dinielle Kotze as her dental assistant in November last year, and she has quickly become an important part of the Dentico family.

Having been schooled in the area at Forest Heights High School, 21-year-old Dinielle achieved her qualification in dental assisting at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Tygerberg campus. She’s now becoming a professional in her trade thanks to the experience and mentorship at Dentico.

“It’s funny how life works. I wasn’t sure if I was really interested in pursuing a career as a dental assistant, but since working with Dr Hendricks at Dentico, my whole perspective on the industry has changed. I really love my job and enjoy the experience I’m getting at the surgery,” explains Danielle.

“I enjoy seeing how happy the clients are after their treatments, especially those who seem scared when they walk through the door. I realise how important dentistry is in our communities as we’re helping so many people everyday. I’m learning so much and I’m excited to see where my career will take me.”

Dinielle Kotze is doing great work at Dentico
Dinielle Kotze is doing great work at Dentico

Dinielle hopes her career will motivate other young professionals who hail from Eerste River, especially those who are restricted or affected by social problems in the community.

“My main goals are to gain more knowledge in my field and play an important mentoring role for future dental assistants when Dentico expands,” says Dinielle. “I also want to encourage young people from Eerste River to strive for more in life, especially those who are interested in working in our field. We live in a generation with so many opportunities, so nobody should let their circumstances stop them form achieving their goals and dreams. I want to prove that anything is possible when you work hard for what you want.”

Dinielle also credits Dr Hendricks for the successful start to her career.

“I have a very good working relationship with Dr Hendricks, which creates a positive working environment at the surgery. We understand each other very well,” she says. “She’s also very supportive and I learn so much from her approach to work, like the importance of communication and always doing your best for your clients.”

Dr Hendricks believes there are bigger things awaiting Dinielle in the future.

“She’s fitted in so naturally here. She’s really good at what she does, which adds so much value to our services at Dentico,” says Dr Hendricks. “I’m really glad our paths have crossed. She’s an amazing young lady. I believe Dinielle will play an important role once Dentico expands to new areas.”


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