Dentico’s founder and head dental surgeon Dr Hendricks says the surgery is enjoying an amazing start to 2019. She also encourages all parents to have their children’s teeth reviewed early in the year.

“We’ve been fully booked since the end of last year!”

Dr Hendricks says this with a smile. A tired smile, but she’s happy that Dentico is able to assist so many people day in and day out.

The 2018 year was a big one for Dentico as it moved into its new dental surgery in Lang Street, Kuils River. The family also grew from three women to eight staff members. And the growth is set to continue in January 2019.

“I’m very happy with how busy we’ve been so early in the year. So much so, I’ve decided to hire a new dentist and another receptionist. It’s all very exciting,” explains Dr Hendricks.

What’s even more amazing is the fact that Dentico will only celebrate its third birthday in March. Dr Hendricks says she feels very blessed to celebrate so much success at such a young business age.

“It’s very overwhelming but as a team, we’re embracing every opportunity, every challenge and every achievement. I have to credit everyone who has played a role in Dentico’s growth since 2017, especially
Dr Riaan Weideman and Dr Anton Weideman, who gave me a big chance to start my own surgery when I was still a young dentist finding my way. If they didn’t give me that opportunity, Dentico would’t be here today.”

While the Dentico family will be focused on maintaining the busy momentum, Dr Hendricks encourages all patients to have their smiles checked out early this year, especially schoolchildren.

“While having your check-ups is not limited to any specific time, it’s great to have your teeth checked out during the earlier months. Especially for children, who will be sorted for the start of the schooling year. This would likely make a big difference in terms of their dental health and confidence. You’ll be surprised to find how many kids sit through toothaches, which can become a big distraction for them.”


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