Dentico lends a hand on Youth Day

Dr Nichole Hendricks working with the kids, Dentico

Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks closed her surgery doors on Youth Day to dedicate time to community service in disadvantaged communities.

Dr Nichole Hendricks has a lot of passion when it comes to the youth. So when it came to Youth Day last Thursday, naturally, she was more than happy to help out to worthy causes when she was invited by fellow dentist Dr Ryan Müller from Müllers Dental Studio (pictured below).

Dr Nichole Hendricks with Dr Ryan Müller, Dentico

Dentico agreed to assist during Heart FM’s journey during their 16 Days for Youth campaign.

Dentico played a supporting role during check-ups on over 200 children at Weslfeur Primary School in Atlantis, which Dr Hendricks described as a heart-warming experience.

“When I got the invite from Dr Müller, I was more than happy to play a part. It’s very important that we help those in need, especially the youth,” says Dr Hendricks.

“In disadvantaged communities, many people can’t afford dental care. So as dental professionals, it’s always great when we have the opportunity to help out. We did our check-ups and taught the kids valuable dental lessons. They were also very excited, especially when they received their gifts!

“However, I would like to help out more in future. We need to see more than 200 kids as there are many more in Atlantis and other communities who need dental assistance. We need sponsorships and businesses backing us if we are to make a bigger impact in future.

“Overall, it was a special day as the kids also got to play sport and get involved in other community activities. It was a positive day for everyone involved!”

Dr Hendricks extended thanks to Heart FM, who have made a huge difference during their 16 Days for Youth campaign.

“I’ve heard many good things about their 16 Days for Youth journey. It’s amazing to hear all these stories from communities who don’t often have a voice. It’s even more amazing to see how many people jumped on board to support when needed,” added Dr Hendricks.

Looking ahead, Dentico will continue playing an important role when it comes to the youth. Dr Hendricks is already a regular visitor to schools, while she puts a big emphasis on treating her young clients with care.

“As a young dentist, I’ve realised the importance of a good first impression and experience. If a young person has a bad experience, she will try to avoid the dentist in future. However, it’s very important for young people to receive the correct dental treatments and attention from a young age, as well as the the correct dental education to look after their own teeth,” said Dr Hendricks.

“The kids are very important to me. While Dentico has grown a great deal over the past year and more, helping out the youth will always be a big priority to me as I continue my journey.”


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