Patient Johan Kamfer drives over six hours from Springbok to Kuils River to have his teeth taken care of by Dr Nichole Hendricks, which is testament to her professional and quality service.

Johan has followed Dr Hendricks’ career since her community in-service days in the Northern Cape. They met in Springbok, where he currently runs his own pet business, and have been in touch ever since.

Since the birth of Dentico in 2016, he makes sure that he books regular appointments in Kuils River, despite being based in a different province. He credits her qualities in and out of the chair for this.

“I make the effort to travel to Dentico because Dr Hendricks is an amazing young dentist, who cares for her patients before, during and after your appointment. You don’t get that sort of service very often,” explains Johan.

“She makes your feel comfortable from your very first step into her room. She’s warm, makes you feel at home and that goes a long way to ensuring one has a positive experience. Considering many fear the dentist, this makes a massive difference.”

Johan said he noticed Dr Hendricks’ passion for dentistry from a young age. And he’s very proud of her deserved success.

“When I met Dr Hendricks, she was busy with her in-service in the Northern Cape, where she was treating the locals in the area,” said Johan.

“When I heard she was opening her own surgery back home, I was very happy for her. And to see how it’s grown in just a few years is an amazing story! She employs a full staff compliment of women, which is empowering. She deserves all the success coming her way.”

Johan added that he would recommend Dentico to anyone needing dental assistance, whether you live faraway or not.

“I travel so far because I know what I’m getting from Dr Hendricks. I would definitely recommend anyone to Dentico because you really receive good service and treatment. I’ve even taken my boyfriend around with me, and he’s been very impressed.”


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