Cassy Frost says Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks has been influential in helping her young family enjoy their regular visit to the dentist.

Cassy Frost and Gareth Grey are proud parents of four-year-old Griffen, who had to undergo a procedure to remove four milk teeth and install a few fillings.

One could understand their initial fears ahead of treatment – not being able to to be hands-on during their young son’s first major dental experience.

However, Cassy was delighted to witness the wonderful care her son received by Dr Hendricks, who was assisted by anesthesia partner Dr Leon Whitlock.

“They were both absolutely amazing!” explained Cassy. “Dr Whitlock came and sat with us in the waiting room and told Griffen a story before starting the process.

“He was so patient and kind. He had this way about him…. after seeing that, myself and Gareth were so at ease and we knew that all was going to be okay.

“Dr Hendricks is an absolute sweetheart. From Griffen’s first visit at Dentico, we knew we needed to get Griffen to trust her. And he just fell in love with Dr Hendricks.”

Cassy says her family has been trusting Dentico with their dental care for two years now.

“My sister worked in the Dental Insurance industry and recommended that I go to Dentico because of their good work and strong reputation. Dr Hendricks is so amazing and kind, so it was only natural to take Griffen there as well,” she said. “Dentico is absolutely amazing with kids! I will never go anywhere else.”

While she’s delighted with Griffen’s easiness under Dr Hendricks care, Cassy admits that she’s overcome her fear of the dentist thanks to Dentico.

“I’ve always had a fear of the dentist. Since seeing Dr Hendricks, I’ve overcome that fear thanks to the great care I’ve received in recent months. I also know that Griffen will never have that fear, which is important to me as a parent” said Cassy.

“And that is why I will always recommend Dr Hendicks. The staff at Dentico are all so sweet and kind, especially Mrs Hendricks in the front office. She is an absolute sweetheart.”


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