Dentico turns three years old in March 2019, which is a huge milestone for head dental surgeon Dr Nichole Hendricks.

Dentico started with humble beginnings in Eerste River in 2016, thanks to an opportunity provided by Dr Riaan Weideman and Dr Anton Weideman. And just three years later, the celebrated dentist and businesswoman is now running her own surgery in Lang Street, Kuils River, employing seven women as part of her staff.

What a major success story!

Dr Hendricks admits that it’s been a rollercoaster ride, but in hindsight, she wouldn’t change a thing.

“Looking back, I feel a lot of emotions. I’ve been blessed with an amazing opportunity and I’ve put in all my effort to make full use of it. I’m grateful to be standing here today, with my own surgery and a business that continues to grow!” said Dr Hendricks.

“There’s been a lot of ups and downs, but all the experiences add to the journey. I was literally thrown into the deep end but God has been guiding me every step of the way. Without Him, none of the blessings would have been possible.”

Dentico’s biggest success was opening its doors to its new surgery in July 2018, which provides three dental facilities used by Dr Hendricks, Dr Cornelius and oral hygienist Nicolé Fillis.

Dr Hendricks thanks all her staff for playing their part in the day-to-day runnings.

“Managing a business is not easy, but having more hands to help makes everything go a lot smoother. It’s been great seeing the Dentico family grow. I’m surrounded by so many strong women,” said Dr Hendricks. “There will always be room for more growth, but we will take things one day at a time.”

What’s been key to Dentico’s success has been the patients’ trust in the brand and Dr Hendricks’ ability. From dental makeovers to annual check-ups, hundreds of people have been raving about her work, which sees her schedule fully booked on a daily basis.

Dr Hendricks admits it’s not easy, but she does her best to serve her patients effectively.

“I try to show more personality and compassion. I want all my patients to have a good experience as I try to break the negative generalisation that dentists only cause pain. It warms my heart getting all the great feedback from them.”

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