Dentico celebrates its first birthday

Kuils River’s Dr Nichole Hendricks, one of the youngest independent dentists in South Africa, reached a major milestone in March as Dentico completed its first year of business.

The 26-year-old dental surgeon, who graduated with a BchD degree at the University of the Western Cape, proudly opened her surgery in Eerste River in March 2016.

Going through many ups and downs, especially during the opening six months, she is proud to have achieved the growth and positive reputation during her first year of business.

Dentico dental surgeon Nichole Hendricks with a happy young pateint
Dentico dental surgeon Nichole Hendricks with a happy young pateint


“There were days when I didn’t know if I’d make it. Running a business can be very stressful, but looking at my journey so far, it was definitely worth all the challenges. It has humbled me and made me appreciate my independence as a dental surgeon so much more,” explains Dr Hendricks.

“Over the past year, I’ve celebrated so many achievements. From hundreds of happy clients from all over Cape Town to offering more top services at affordable prices, I’m very happy with the way Dentico has grown so far. And the exciting part is the fact that this is only the beginning!”

Dr Hendricks adds that her main aim is to add more expert services in the near future, so she can create more smiles.

“Just like the Dentico motto emphasises, I love creating new smiles everyday. It’s a statement that I live by,” she says. “I am the alternative to the more expensive cosmetic dentistry that many can’t afford. With my affordable pricing, my patients can expect quality work and a complete sense of comfortability. And I want to offer more services, so I can assist more people.”


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