Dr Hendricks, Dentico

Dentico turns 4 years old in March – a big milestone for a business that has reached new heights in a short space of time.

Founded by Dr Nichole Hendricks in March 2016, Dentico was born after the young dental surgeon returned from doing her community in-service in the Northern Cape.

While many young dentists joined existing and established surgeries after becoming qualified, Dr Hendricks took the difficult option of starting her own business at a young age.

Dr Hendricks at Dentico’s surgery in 2017.

But she turned that opportunity into an amazing success story, growing her business from a small team renting a dental chair and office in Eertse River to owning her own surgery in Kuils River that employs six other women.

Dentico now employs a full staff complement of women.

This was all achieved in three years – a remarkable achievement if you consider that over 80% of businesses fail in their first and second years in South Africa.

And while the journey hasn’t been easy, Dentico continues to grow from strength to strength, living up to it’s slogan of “creating smiles one day at a time” by making quality dental services accessible.

This has seen Dentico grow a list of loyal patients, while new ones join this list every week. There’s clearly bigger things to come!

In addition to the business growth and top quality dental work, Dentico has also been committed to giving back to the community.

The Dentico Charity Drive was launched in 2019 as a vehicle to assist those in need. What started as a simple plea to make a difference has grown into a full-on community programme.

This year, Dentico has committed to helping a specific social issue every second month, which has received great support from patients, friends, family and other community members.

The team at the Dentico Charity Drive in 2019.

From providing quality dental treatments to giving back to those in need, Dentico is a special business story. And while it celebrates its 4th birthday in March 2020, be assured that there will be many more successful years to come.


Bianca (Receptionist): Dentico is lucky to have so many amazing patients. I love seeing all the regulars and meeting new ones. I fall in love with each and every one as they are all really sweet and thoughtful, especially those who get involved in the charity drives. Congrats Dentico and Dr Hendricks on 4 years!

Jacky (Dental & Admin Assistant): Dentico is like a family. Through the good and bad times, we stick together and always pull through. I really enjoy working in this industry as we make a big difference in peoples’ lives. I also love the fact that we get to give back to the community. Here’s to many more successful years for Dentico!

Dr Cornelius (Locum Dentist): Since joining Dentico, I’ve learned and experienced so much. I love working and interacting with the patients, and creating so many new smiles. Meeting new patients every day excites me. Dentico is doing great work for patients and the community!

Nicol√® (Oral Hygienist):  It’s great being a member of this friendly staff. We have our ups and downs, but we are family and that’s why I love working here. Dr Hendricks really works hard and sets the example for all of us, which inspires each staff to make a difference and to go out of our way for the patient. The company prides itself on delivering excellent dental service for all.

Gareth (Digital Brand Manager): I’ve been working with Dentico since 2016 and I am very proud about how the business has grown over the past four years. It hasn’t been easy, but Dentico has developed a trusted and recognisable brand in the community. Dr Hendricks and her staff can be very proud of what they’ve achieved, and the exciting part is… it’s only been four years… there are many more successful years to follow.

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