Louw family happy with service at Dentico

Janine Louw says her daughter Saskia had a great dental experience thanks to Dentico’s caring nature towards children.

Janine found herself looking for a family dentist online after a negative dental experience elsewhere.

That’s when she discovered Dentico and made an appointment, with the hopes of a more positive environment for her 9-year-old daughter Saskia.

“I liked the look of Dentico and was motivated to visit them after reading all the great things that people have been saying about their service,” says Janine. “The fact that they make an extra effort for kids was a big plus for me as a mother.”

Like many other children, Janine admits that Saskia has a fear of visiting the dentist. But these fears were at ease as they were very well-received by the Dentico family.

“Everyone is so friendly at Dentico. From the front desk to Dr Hendricks, I loved the way they took care of Saskia,” she added. “Especially when she was in the chair, Dr Hendricks took the extra time to talk to Saskia and explain what was about to happen. That communication made a big difference and helped Saskia feel very comfortable for the most part.”

Janine added that she would definitely recommend Dentico to families.

“It’s a homely environment at Dentico. Not every dentist is good with kids, and it’s great to see young children being accommodated accordingly,” she said. “Every parent wants their best for their child, and it was so good seeing Saskia receive great treatment at Dentico. We will definitley be back.”


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