Dentico, Dr Cornelius

The De Witt family from Kuils River described their first visit to Dentico as “exceptional” thanks to the friendly staff and world-class service.

Natasha and Dennis De Witt were due a visit to the dentist, but weren’t sure where to schedule an appointment because of previous negative experiences.

A family friend recommended Dentico in Kuils River, which encouraged Sharon to research more online. She was very encouraged by what she found on Google and social media, and believe it was a good decision to book an appointment.

“After finding Dentico online, I felt in my heart that it was a good decision to go there. And both my husband and I weren’t disappointed! We were very impressed with the service we received,” explained Sharon.

“From the very first step inside, we were made to feel at home. This made us feel at ease, which is great because normally one is nervous when visiting the dentist.

“I got to see [Dentico oral hygienist] Nicole Fillis, who did a very good job with my cleaning. It’s been a few weeks now, but my teeth are still in great shape. I love my smile.

“I love the fact that you get to have a personal connection with the staff at Dentico. They don’t just do the work… they make the effort to get to know you and make sure you understand what’s happening during the treatment. That made me feel very comfortable in the chair.”

Dentico oral hygienist Nicole Fillis at work.

Mr De Witt was scheduled to have an extraction. Often considered a painful treatment by many, he was very suprised to enjoy a quick and painless experience in Dr Cindy Cornelius’s chair.

“He was very surprised! It didn’t even take that long and he said it didn’t hurt at all,’ explained Sharon.

“We’re now due back in six months. So we will be back in January to make sure our smiles are in the best shape for 2020. We will also be bringing our son along next time, to make sure his dental health is in good shape.”

Sharon thanked Dentico for the wonderful service and would definitely recommend the surgery to anyone needing dental treatment.

“The Dentico team is doing a great job. They put in effort to make sure you feel comfortable as a patient. You don’t often get that from dentists, so one really needs to appreciate that.”


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