Client drives 80km to visit Dentico!

Dr Nichole Hendricks, DenticoDr Nichole Hendricks, Dentico

Charles Wyngaard was motivated to drive more than 80km to visit Dentico’s Dr Nichole Hendricks after hearing rave reviews about her work.

Charles Wyngaard decided to schedule an appointment at Dentico in Eerste River after he heard about the great work done by Dr Nichole Hendricks. Despite his back-and-forth route being more than 80km in distance, the 54-year-old decided to take the drive to seek quality dental treatment.

Charles Wyngaard, Dentico

As one of the youngest independent dentists in South Africa, the 26-year-old has quickly grown a positive reputation for quality and affordable work. And Charles got to experience this during his first visit.

“I believe my experience at Dr Hendricks’ dental surgery has helped overcome what was a difficult phobia for many years,” he says. “She was recommended to me by very close friends I am thankful that they recommended her.

“I arrived on time as per my appointment and was attended to immediately, this was indicative of good organisation. Then the friendly and courteous reception was great.

“I appreciated Dr Hendricks’ soft calming voice of Dr Hendricks. Upon sitting down in the dentist chair she could sense I was nervous whereupon she immediately started to calm me down. Her quiet way made things so much easier.

“The way Dr Hendricks and her assistant went about their task was awesome. They conducted their assessment of my teeth but continued to put me at ease. The big moment came when it was time for the dreaded anaesthetic injection, but bless Dr Hendricks she did those injections so very well.”

Charles added that he was surprised to find out how affordable the treatments were: “The bill for the work done was way below what I expected to pay. I paid R450 for two difficult fillings; I thought the cost of the treatment was fantastic. I was expecting to pay more.”

Charles will have to continue driving more than 80km to visit Dentico, but this is effort he doesn’t mind as he believes good dentists are needed in our communities.

“Dr Hendricks and her team deserves all my praise and accolades and I would recommend them to all my family, friends and colleagues,” said Charles. “More importantly, I would ask that the dental practice to remain the in suburb of Eerste Rivier because I believe the community deserves a kind, professional and an affordable dentist like Dr Hendricks. Access to quality treatments are rare.”


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