Dentico rescues patient with chipped tooth

Patient Javon September says Dentico saved his dignity after repairing his chipped front tooth caused by an unfortunate accident.

Javon September is a trainee bank consultant who resides in Eerste River.

During a day out with friends last weekend, he tripped and fell, which resulted in a chipped front tooth. He was left devastated and embarrassed to smile.

“The chipped tooth really affected me personally. I felt really depressed, seeing that my whole image was affected by it. After chatting to a work colleague, she recommended that I visit Dr Nichole Hendricks at Dentico,” said Javon.

“After some research, I read about her quality work on her website and social media, so I was excited to visit her… with the hopes she could fix my smile.”

Upon arrival, Javon said he was impressed by the friendly service and quick dental work.

“Dr Hendricks and her staff are really friendly and that helped a lot because I was very nervous. I was expecting a long and painful procedure as I just had root canal done a few weeks ago. That dentist made it a very uncomfortable visit, but I soon realised that things would be different at Dentico,” he explained.

“Dr Hendricks communicated with me very well and she managed to fix my tooth quicker than expected. After seeing my new smile, I believe the tooth looks better than it did before! I was very happy with the work done. Even my friends and family were impressed with my new smile.”

Javon said he’d definitely recommend Dr Hendricks to anyone who needs dental work done.

“Dr Hendricks makes you feel comfortable during your visit. And she’s very good at what she does. It’s amazing having such a great dentist based in Eerste River… I’ll definitely tell more people to visit her soon.”


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