Dentico creates a new smile for Lizan Marais

Lizan Marais, Dentico

Dentico patient Lizan Marais says Dr Nichole Hendricks has made a positive change in her life after the wonderful work done on her smile.

Kuils River resident Lizan Marais was motivated to visit Dentico following the positive stories read about Dr Hendricks in the Kuier Magazine and website.

After growing up with a notable gap between her front teeth, which she describes as her family’s infamous trait, she decided to get it fixed through Dentico’s affordable veneer treatment.

Lizan was delighted with the outcome.

“Growing up, I was always self conscience about my gap. My family always jokes that it’s something to be proud about because most of the women have one, but after many years living with it, I decided to get it filled,” said Lizan.

“When I arrived at the surgery, I was pleasantly surprised by the great service. Dr Hendricks was very comforting and friendly in her approach, which made me feel at ease. The process was quick and pain free, which is surprising because you always expect some pain when you visit the dentist.

“The treatment was also very affordable. Coming from Kuils River, I received a few quotes from dentists in my area. But they were all very expensive compared to Dr Hendricks’ prices. Her treatments offer great value for your money.”


Lizan added that her new smile has made a great change in her life.

“Today, I smile with confidence. It’s a small change, but it has made a big impact in my life,” she said.

As a mother of a two-year-old son, Lizan has decided to make Dr Hendricks her family dentist.

“I’ll definitely go back whenever I need future treatments. And when my son is ready for his first visit, I’ll be visiting Dr Hendricks for help. It’s great to know that she does wonderful work with kids.”



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